viernes, junio 02, 2006



Un mail de Oxfam Inglaterra llegó a mi correo electrónico hace unos días:

“Dear Supporter,
A few days ago, the government of Zambia scrapped the fees that rural people had to pay to visit the doctor. They were able to do this because of the extra aid and debt cancellation agreed at the G8 summit last year in Scotland. The G8 leaders acted because you, and millions of others, told them to. So thanks to you, ordinary Zambians no longer have to pay the equivalent of £120 to see the doctor. They pay nothing. That’s not charity. It’s justice.
We can Make Poverty History.
But to build on this success and ensure everyone has free health care and education, freedom from violence and the chance to earn a decent living, we need your help urgently now. In the next three months at a series of crucial meetings, Tony Blair and other world leaders will decide whether they keep the promises they made last year. Or break them. And right now the signs are not looking good.”

La condonación de la deuda externa no es la panacea. Pero bien ejecutada, puede ayudar. Este es un ejemplo práctico de ello.

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