miércoles, septiembre 26, 2007


"The outside world has pat answers concerning Africa's prolonged crisis. Everything comes back, again and again, to corruption and misrule."..."Western governments enforced draconian budget policies in Africa during the 1980s and 1990s. The IMF and World Bank virtually ran the economic policies of the debt-ridden continent."..."By the start of the twenty-first century Africa was poorer than during the late 1960s."..."When it comes to charges of bad governance, the West should be a bit more circumspect. Little surpasses the western world in the cruelty and depredations that it has long imposed on Africa. Three centuries of slave trade, from around 1500 to the early 1800s, were followed by a century of brutal colonial rule. Far from lifting Africa economically, the colonial era left Africa bereft of educated citizens and leaders, basic infrastructure, and public health facilities. The borders of the newly independent states followed the arbitrary lines of the former empires, dividing ethnic groups, ecosystems, watersheds, and resource deposits in arbitrary ways".

Se trata de unos pequeños extractos que he seleccionado del décimo capítulo (pags. 188 y 189) de The End of Poverty de Jeffrey D. Sachs. El capítulo continúa relatando algunas escalofriantes historias de la CIA en África en la última mitad del siglo XX y profundizando en las causas de la pobreza en este continente.

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